Contacts & Committee

There are several ways to contact us:

For general enquiries:

Email -

Facebook - Blidworth and District Riding Club and send us a message.

For events:

See individual events for who to contact for bookings or enquiries. Please check the Facebook page for the most up to date information.

Committee for 2023

All our committee are volunteers and the club could not run without them - thank you all for your time.   

This year’s committee is as follows:

Alison Smith                    Chairperson & First Aider

Charlotte Smith            Course Design & Build & Membership Secretary

Amy Tranmer                Social Media & Website & Events

Clare Purchase             Treasurer

Joining the committee:

The committee meets every couple of months and otherwise communicates via email or Facebook group chat so that everyone can see each others replies. There are are always opportunities to join and you don't have to have a specific role to be on the committee. Some examples of what's involved in running the club are below. This does depend on what events the committee decides to run. You don't have to be on the committee to help out at events, just let us know when you're available. 

Chairperson - chairs meetings and keeps everyone else under control!

Treasurer - keeps track of finances and ensures that funds are available for insurance, rosettes, school hire, instructors etc. 

Secretary - keeps track of membership forms and payments. Prints off entry forms. Takes minutes at meetings and produces agendas.

Social organiser - sends out emails, updates Facebook & website. Deals with enquiries & bookings alongside event organisers. 

Dressage competitions - each dressage competition needs a writer and someone to add up scores and ideally a third person to steward/read tests if possible. Someone also needs to book a judge and the school has to be set out in advance.

Showjumping competitions - each jumping competition needs someone to take entries and someone to manage the competitors in the ring including timing rounds plus at least one more person to put up knocked down jumps. Course builders also needed, this can take up to an hour depending on how many helpers there are.

Clinics - one person needed to run clinics including organising instructors, taking bookings and managing the day.

Rosettes and end of year trophies - rosettes are ordered periodically through the year so stock needs to be kept up for the forthcoming competitions whilst liaising with the treasurer to ensure funds are available and also collecting the order.