Rules & Constitution

Blidworth & District Riding Club

Constitution & Rules/Regulations 2022

By becoming a member of Blidworth & District Riding Club or entering as a non member you are agreeing to abide by the following Rules and Regulations:

  • It is recommend that hard hats to standards :PAS015(1998 2011 with BSI Kitemark VG101.040(2014-12) with BSI kitemark ASTM F1163 (2004a or 4a onwards) with SEI mark SNELL E2001 or E2016 AS/NZS 3838(2006 onwards) with SAI global mark are worn. Skull caps must be worn with a silk.

  • Some events must be booked for and paid for in advance your booking will not be confirmed until payment is received. Monies will not be refunded /carried forward except in exceptional circumstances. Please check Facebook/website for rules on individual events.

  • It is the responsibility of the club member to check our Facebook page to see if events are taking place.

  • If you have any issues /complaints /problems please speak to a member of the Riding Club committee.

  • Members should always behave appropriately and not use unsuitable language or behave in a manner which others may find offensive this also applies to all forms of social media.

  • Please do not interrupt instructors whilst lessons/clinics are taking place or swapping over. If you have a concern, please either talk to the instructor at the end of the session or talk to a member of the committee.

  • All children and young people aged 18 and under MUST be accompanied and supervised by a non-riding adult .

  • Anyone leading a child on a pony/horse must be at least 16 years of age

  • Horses/ponies must be at least 4 years of age to compete in ridden classes.

  • Horses/ponies must not be left tied up unattended.

  • No excessive use of whips will be tolerated. Whips no greater than 75cm and no less than 45cm to be used when jumping. No whips or spurs allowed in games.

Disclaimer of Liability

Riders participating in any Blidworth and District Riding Club activities do so at their own risk. The club and persons acting on behalf of the club do not accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, illness or injury to ponies, horses, riders or spectators.

Members of Blidworth and District Riding Club must have their own public liability insurance.

I confirm that my horse/pony is fully inoculated.

A hard hat and correct footwear must be worn at all times when riding and a hard hat/gloves are required if leading. Body protectors (BETA 2009/2018) are strongly advised whilst jumping and are encouraged at all times when participating in horse riding activities.

Reflective /fluorescent clothing worn by horse and rider when hacking/leading to the venue is strongly advised.

I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Blidworth and District Riding Club, the information in the Membership Application Form and the Disclaimer of Liability detailed above.

Blidworth & District Riding Club - Constitution

1. The organisation is to be known as “Blidworth & District Riding Club”

2. The aims of the club are as follows:-

⦁ To provide regular events for members of the Riding Club to help maintain and improve the standard and knowledge of riding and horsemanship.

⦁ To encourage riding as a sport and recreational hobby.

⦁ To promote good fellowship amongst riders and members of the Club.

⦁ To organise activities throughout the year aimed at encouraging participation and expanding knowledge.

⦁ To encourage junior membership and participation in Blidworth & District Riding Club.

3. Membership

Adult - £12.50

Junior (aged 18 and under) - £10.00

The Committee have the right to reject any application for membership or entry it deems unsuitable.

The Committee may refuse membership or expel any member who has breached any of the rules of the Club, or who has, in the opinion of the Committee, been guilty of any conduct derogatory to the character or prejudicial to the interests of the Club or the premises where it is held, provided that before expelling him or her the Committee shall call upon him or her for an explanation of his/her conduct and provide a proper opportunity of answering the allegations against him/her.

4. Committee

The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of the Club.

It shall meet no less that 4 times per annum and consist of the following:

Chair Person - Alison Smith

Membership Secretary and course builder - Charlotte Smith

Treasurer - Clare Purchase

Child Protection Officer - Alison Smith

Social media and events secretary - Amy Tranmer

First Aid – Alison Smith

Further members shall be elected annually to the Committee to take responsibility for other aspects of the Riding Club as and when appropriate.

5. Quorum

Four members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum, including office bearers.

6. Elections

Nominations for office shall be made by the Ordinary Members of the Club before the Annual General Meeting. Elections will be held and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting and Officers will take up their office at the end of that meeting.

7. Annual General Meeting

The AGM should take place during the months of November or December, at a venue to be decided by the Committee. At least fourteen days’ notice of the date, time and place shall be given by newsletter to each member prior to the meeting.

8. General Meetings

A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee or by a request signed by not less than 3 members specifying the business to be discussed. The Minutes Secretary shall give all members ten days’ notice of the date of such a meeting and shall specify in such notice matters to be dealt with at the meeting.

9. Subscriptions

Members shall pay the appropriate subscription annually to the Treasurer or nominated officer of the Club.

Subscriptions become due on 1st March. Membership will run from 1st March to 28th February.

10. Rules and Regulations

The Constitution and Rules and Regulations of Blidworth & District Riding Club shall be reviewed annually and will only be revised or altered by a two-thirds majority vote of the Committee.

Evidence of Public Liability Insurance must be available on demand throughout the Club year to participate in club events.

11. Child Protection

The Club will appoint a Child Protection Officer and Blidworth & District Riding Club will operate a Child Protection Policy working within the guidelines issued by the British Equestrian Federation.

12. Accounts

Accounts for the Club will be prepared annually for the year end at 28th February. At a suitable time after that date, these Accounts will be available from the Treasurer for inspection by any member of the Club. A summary of the Accounts will be available on request.

It is stated that we are not primarily a profit making organisation and that any profits that are made over the year will be held by the Club against any further expenditure and that there will not be any dividend paid to either Committee Members or ordinary members (except for out of pocket expenditure).

13. Dissolution of the Club

In the case of dissolution of the Club, all assets are to be sold for the highest price possible and the Committee at that time will decide how to allocate/dispose of any remaining Club funds.